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About me

I am on an endless search for answers to questions that relentlessly assail my mind. Close to ten years shooting fashion, food, and everything in between, searching for the best way to bring to life the visions in my head and the feelings in my gut. Over and over, shoot after shoot, set after set...always exploring, never finding, The frustration of not being able to say what I wanted how I wanted, a weight of unbearable nature.

On an intense night in October 2017 something finally snapped. The box I had placed myself in, the rules I had set, even the way I looked at everything, changed. A small windowless room in Boyle Heights became the womb for what I have become today. I picked up the  supplies I had at hand and began to create. The barriers removed, color and line, paint pen and pencil, began to carry my expressions into the world.

There is a lot still processing in my mind, and my technical skills desperately try to keep up as things come out. My art as of now is my story, a digestion of what was, hoping that I will some day be able to accept what is, and then hopefully what might be. I had turned a blind eye for so long to things that should be met head on.

Self-taught, I am always learning, open to the wisdom of those who have tread this path before me. Everything is an experiment, an attempt to do, an attempt to find a definition. I move at break-neck speed, in this weird place of knowing that I am repeating the many mistakes of old, yet, in that awareness, fixing what I can when I can.

I paint, I draw, I sculpt, I do whatever pops into my mind, when I can. I feel that there is no limit once you understand what creativity is. The limitations I feel around me are just lessons on how to make things work, to make me appreciate what is, and, given the right moves, what could be. 

As the world moves, I move with it, seeing with new eyes and expressing in new ways. As of 2021 I found myself diving deep, deep, deep, into a whole new place called NFTs. No hesitation with such a wide avenue ahead of me, time shoots by at light speed. Evolution revolution evolution revolution. The wheel continues to turn. Well, not wheels, not anymore. Now we drive hover cars or something.

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