My commissions process is simple:

1. Approach me via my contact page with an idea of what you are interested in, the vibe you’d like, or an example from my work that you’d like something similar to.

2. We discuss and narrow down what you’d like me to create for you until I’m sure I understand.

3. Payment in full is taken care of and I begin the project.

4. Depending on the size/scope of the commission, I usually do multiple versions of the desired creation to make sure I hit the target and that you walk away happy. The additional pieces will also be available for sale at a pre-agreed upon price.

I have never done a commission where the client did not purchase additional pieces.

I am not limited by size or materials and if the idea interests me, I will attempt it even if it is completely new to me.

Paintings for sale

A number of paintings on this site are available for sale and a full catalog is also available upon request.

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