March pt 1

A composition of emotion. Assorted pieces of me. Pt. 1 On paper, sized 8.5x11.75 and 11x15

I am tired of trying to single out any specific thought or feeling.

March was a bowling ball to the pins of my life and as a new artist who was barely equipped to express himself before, it was traumatic. There is an almost casting away of previous technique and thought, owing possibly to the introduction of spray paint into my vocabulary. The underlying philosophy of what I'd done in the past remained, but layered on top now was an almost pure desire to scrape out the insides of my head during this time as the tension built. What was happening, what was going to happen? All those deep desires I had to articulate some sort of cohesive point evaporated, burned off by an unforgiving reality that now enveloped my world. What are these named? How are they collected? When I have perspective I'll let you know

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